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Zemire et Azor

BYU Opera, October 2021

​Scenic Designer

Director: Shea Owens

Costumes: Kim Wright

Hair/Makeup: Anna Karrattii Hill

Lighting: Marianne Ohran

Zemire et Azor: Headliner

Zemire et Azor is a lesser known opera adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast story.  My first foray into designing for opera, I was able to work with a brand new opera director and collaborate with a team of student puppet designers who created the 10' tall beast puppet central to the narrative.  This project challenged me to work with a smaller budget and to design around the large movements of the puppet.

Zemire et Azor: Text
Zemire et Azor: Pro Gallery
Zemire et Azor: Video
Zemire et Azor: Pro Gallery
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