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Wendy & Peter Pan

BYU Arts Production, April 2020

Wendy & Peter Pan: Welcome

​Scenic Designer

Director: Kris W. Peterson

Costumes: Natalie Smith

Hair/Makeup: Jayada Hodges

Lighting: Michael Kraczek

Sound: Rachel Carr

A fresh adaptation of the classic novel, Wendy & Peter Pan tells the familiar tale through the perspective of Wendy Darling and her imagination.  As the Darling children travel to Neverland, the furniture of their nursery transforms into forests, underground homes, and pirate ships.  Performed in a blackbox theatre, the set was designed to be versatile and mobile, both to fit in the small space and to mimic the movement-heavy style of the acting.  This production was cancelled just before performance due to the COVID pandemic.

Wendy & Peter Pan: Text
Wendy & Peter Pan: Gallery
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