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Student-Directed Works
& Community Theatre

Student-Directed Works: Welcome

All in the Family

MAB Productions, Aug 2021
Director: Kenzie Jepperson-Moore

An original murder mystery by playwright Alison Rino, All In The Family  depicts the life of a broken family who come back together as adults for their father's funeral.  The play took place entirely in the living room of their childhood home and was produced at the Covey Center for the Arts in downtown Provo.


The Jester

Corral De La Cruz Theatre, June 2021
Director: Alex Glover

An original script written by Ty Hawton, The Jester is a one-act play following a medieval court jester who wants to pivot his career towards writing serious plays.  The production took place in an outdoor amphitheater and split its time between a pub location and the jester's house.

Devised Little Women

MAB Productions, May 2021
Director: Allison Rino

This show was a no-budget backyard passion project put together by a group of BYU students and alumni itching to perform theatre live once again.  Working with a deck for a stage, the March household was a carpet and a couch made to feel homey with lights and draped bunting.


Happy Days

BYU Mask Club, Oct 2020
Director: Joanna Noall

The classic Beckett play saw new formatting over Zoom during a semester of online classes.  Constructed in the living room of the actors' apartment, Winnie's mound was made from carpet and could be viewed from multiple camera angles during the show.

Moulin Rouge

BYU Mask Club, March 2020
Director: Emily Hughes

This production was cancelled during the first pandemic shutdown, and subsequently never made it to full realization.  The set would have consisted of a backdrop made of pages that grew from the main character's diary notes and locations made from acting blocks and repositioned legs.

IMG_8364 (1).jpg

Suite Surrender

BYU Mask Club, Oct 2019
Director: Denali Linton

Designing for a classic door comedy involved use of every single stock door that student storage had.  This set was carefully puzzled together to match the needed layouts of each described moment of comedy in the script.

Weirder Stuff: A Stranger Things Parody Musical

BYU Mask Club, Feb 2019
Director: Em Nulton

A student written parody musical, this show involved high energy and quick location changes between the Mike's basement, Will's living room, the kids' school, the science lab and the mysterious forest.

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